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E-VISA Services

We are specialized Visa application centre for Electronic(E-Visa) Tourist Visa & Business Visa application(s) for Turkey E-Visa, UAE Visa & Australia Visa. Electronic visa (E-Visa) makes your travel process easy & hassle free. You don't need to send your passport for E -Tv. you will get E-Visa in just simple four steps

You can proceed with E visa application by providing requested information.

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After processed, visa will be sent to your email as soon as approved.
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SVS is a visa agency, not affiliated with the government. SVS provides expediting services for travel on E Visa, Visa from India with dedicated Visa Application Centers in states.


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Who we are

We Are

SVS Visa Services is a private consultancy, registered under the India Law that is not affiliated to any Diplomatic missions, We offer services related to E Visa,Tourist Visa, Business Visa and Visa from India

Passport Information Security


We ensure the safety of all original data and documents and being accountable is our top priority. All documentation is handled in a highly secure manner and we ensure that we report...

our svs team
Our Team
SVS is the focal point of sky-scraping level professionals of visa, consular and secretarial services operating from Visa Application Centers across states . This is the reason your applications gone through in one time. No rejections...
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